CALL (Computer‐Assisted Language Learning) Specialists Preparation.

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has been a dynamic field of study for the last few decades. As technological tools become more common in the lives of language learners and teachers, integration of technology in language classes has also gained popularity. There have been many studies done on CALL and there are many effective CALL tools available online and offline. However, CALL implementations are not always based on training specific to CALL and CALL teacher training still remains mainly uncharted territory. Therefore, there is a need to prepare and recruit qualified CALL specialists who can assist different stakeholders such as teachers to make use of CALL in a consistent and coherent fashion. This entry presents the roles, attributes, and competencies of CALL specialists in relation to the scope and various frameworks of CALL. Different approaches, methods, and models for CALL specialist preparation programs are also suggested.
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P. Savaş, CALL (Computer‐Assisted Language Learning) Specialists Preparation. 2019.