Kent Çalışanları Alışveriş Merkezinde Çalışma Hayatı



Kent araştırmaları ve çocuk dostu şehir girişimlerinde çocuk katılımı
Severcan, Yücel Can (2018-01-01)
Integrating Urban And Landscape Issues In Early Design Education
Haider, Jawaid; Kalisperis, Loukas; Lawrence, Howard; Forsyth, Amy (1992-1-1-2)
It is imperative to instill in students an awareness of urban issues; therefore, the relationship between the urban setting and the landscape is a major vehicle for the exploration of architectural principles early in our program. Our second-year design studio is critical. It sets the tone for significant issues that students address in subsequent studios. The studio builds upon the insights, skills, and enthusiasm that students carry with them from the first year, which equips students with basic drawing a...
Impact of shopping centers on the fragmentation of the city center
Aksel Gürün, Banu; Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Department of City and Regional Planning (2009)
This study concentrates on the fragmentation process of the city centers. The study suggests that it is not necessarily the planning decisions or the lack of a rigorous planning framework that brings about the fragmentation process. Local and global economic and social circumstances may also give way to fragmentation of the city center. These processes take place through the countenance of developers, city authorities and central government. In this context, the study focuses on the fragmentation process of...
Moving-image as a means of reading the rhythms in the urban scene: the case of ‘city symphonies’
İplikci, Ender; Gedikli, Bahar; Çalışkan, Olgu; Department of City and Regional Planning (2018)
Analyzing and reading of rhythms in urban space can contribute to urban design processes by providing significant input about different movements in the space. Henri Lefebvre (1992) elaborated the concept of rhythm in cities and everyday life, and developed the idea of Rhythmanalysis. Likewise, Gilles Deleuze (1983) classified the images and signs with reference to movement, and examined the relationship between movement-image and cinematographic image. This study categorizes the elements of urban space by ...
Energy Performance Analysis with Relevance to Urban Form
Işık Demirci, Bircan; Barlas, Mehmet Adnan; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2021-9)
Urban areas have become the nodal points of the energy problem. Overcoming such points, thus, is essential for responding to the urgent call for the energy transition. This problem manifests itself especially in the buildings, which are a vital element of the energy transition due to their energy-saving and generation potential. As such, the early urban design phase, where energy and environmental quality concerns are typically dealt with, is of utmost importance to reduce the energy use of buildings, ...
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