Food Safety education capacity building programs in Afghanistan

Oliver, H F
Soyer, Yeşim
Nightingale, K
Mccoy, S
Falk, M
Santiago, K
Bergdoll, L
Mcnamara, K


Food Defense and Bioterrorism in Turkey
Alpas, Hami (2019-10-06)
Alpas, Hami; KOÇ, AHMET ALİ (2008-12-05)
The chapter summarizes the current food quality systems in Turkey from the perspective of food defense. Recently Turkey has formally adopted a number of typical elements of food safety regulations and control systems in the accession period to EU and there are developments dealing with food safety and a few available empirical analyses of food safety applications in Turkey, but still there is a lack of comprehensive study summarizing the efforts. The developments that signal some of the more formal approach...
Food Security and Eco-terrorism Impacts on Environmental Security Through Vulnerabilities
Alpas, Hami (2009-12-04)
Food security requires appropriate agricultural management and utilization of natural resources and eco-systems, as well as good governance and sustainable political systems. Food security is directly affected by climate change effects that lead to concerns in rural livelihoods. Bio-energy developments present both opportunities and challenges for socioeconomic development and the environment. In that sense, bio-energy solutions should strive to be environmentally sensitive and have a positive social impact...
Food Chain Security Pilot Study: Findings and Recommendations
Alpas, Hami (2008-09-20)
The pilot study on Food Chain Security was launched in 2003 by the NATO Committee of the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) which was renamed Science for Peace and Security (SPS) under the leadership of Turkey
Food spoilage monitoring using carbon nanodots and uv irradiation reinforced colorimetric fish gelatin films
Kılıç, Münevver Beyza; Kahyaoğlu, Leyla Nesrin; Şümnü, Servet Gülüm; Department of Food Engineering (2022-9)
Foodborne diseases can lead to serious health and economic losses. Therefore, research priority has been given to the efforts to ensure food safety in recent years. Within this framework, effective and user-friendly smart packaging technologies need to be developed and integrated into food packaging applications. The proposed project aims to develop a biocompatible colorimetric film that can be integrated into food packaging where the consumer can easily obtain a real-time freshness assessment of food. Fish...
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