Accelerate Learning with Social Media Use in Education

AECT 2015, 3 - 07 Kasım 2015


Accelerating Learning of Special Education Studentswith Intellectual Disability via Technology Enhanced Extracurriculum
Kaplan, Göknur; Doğan, Sibel (null; 2015-11-30)
This study illustrates an effective practice utilizing an innovative instructional design, namely, technologyenhanced extracurriculum (TEE) created for special education students with intellectual disability. A formative research with post-facto multiple cases was designed to find out how a TEE affects students with intellectual disability in terms of cognitive and physical development; along with teachers’ perceptions about technology use in special education. Findings showed that TEE accelerates learning ...
Promoting Interaction through Blogging in Language Classrooms
Gündüz, Müge (2016-07-01)
Increasing collaboration and autonomy among pre service foreign language teachers with the help of thematic blogs A case study from Turkey
Savaş, Perihan (2011-07-01)
Enabling local circular economy practices through maker symbiosis: the case of Istanbul
Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta; Ramirez Galleguillos , Maria Laura; Coşkun, Aykut; Yantaç, Asim Evren; Çay, Damla; Bensason, Ivon (2021-05-26)
Pop-Machina H2020 project aims to explore the potentials for local circular economies through collaborative production in seven pilot cities. This endeavour requires initiating a sustainable maker symbiosis, through activating links among various maker ecosystem actors. This paper provides a snapshot of the initial steps of this, i.e. the deployment of a series of online participatory design tools engaging citizens and other maker ecosystem actors to collaboratively design pilot activities through the case ...
Enabling widespread use of rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems: challenges and needs in the twenty-first-century Istanbul
Peker, Ender (2022-09-01)
Water supply has been a chronic challenge in Istanbul since its foundation. Authorities have sought alternative methods since the Roman and Byzantine periods. Cisterns, channels and wells surveyed in urban heritage sites in Istanbul provide evidence of rainwater harvesting (RWH) as a working solution in the past. However, RWH systems have only been utilized in contemporary plans and policies very recently, particularly since the climate change crisis entered the political agenda in Turkey. Taking this as a ...
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