Perceptual Span in Turkish Reading: A Study on Parafoveal Information Intake

Ormanoğlu, Zuhal
Acartürk, Cengiz
Özkan, Ayşegül
Kılıç, Özkan
Bozkurt, Tuğçe Nur


Perceptual span in Turkish reading: a study on parafoveal information intake
Ormanoğlu, Zuhal; Acartürk, Cengiz; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2017)
Perceptual span is the visual region where useful information can be collected at one fixation. This thesis investigates the size of the perceptual span of Turkish readers. Rayner (1975) found that the size of the perceptual span for English readers is about 14-15 characters to the right and 3-4 characters to the left of fixation. However, different characteristics of languages affect the size of the perceptual span. Being an agglutinative language and having shallow orthography are two features of Turkish ...
Perceptual learning style preferences of second language learners
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (null; 2000-05-30)
Perceptual integration for qualitatively different 3-D cues in the human brain.
Dövencioğlu, Nahide Dicle; Schofield, AJ; Welchman, AE (MIT Press - Journals, 2013-09-01)
The visual systemʼs flexibility in estimating depth is remarkable: We readily perceive 3-D structure under diverse conditions from the seemingly random dots of a “magic eye” stereogram to the aesthetically beautiful, but obviously flat, canvasses of the Old Masters. Yet, 3-D perception is often enhanced when different cues specify the same depth. This perceptual process is understood as Bayesian inference that improves sensory estimates. Despite considerable behavioral support for this theory, insights into...
Perceptual learning for second-order cues in a shape-from-shading task
Dövencioğlu, Nahide Dicle; Welchman, A. E. (2010-01-01)
Perceptual simplification for model-based binaural room auralisation
Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin (2008-08-01)
Design of computationally efficient yet perceptually realistic room auralisation algorithms require a careful selection of the early reflections to be auralised. A perception-based simplification algorithm is presented for the selection of the early reflections using a criterion which depends both on the arrival time and on the angle of incidence of the early reflection with respect to the listener. Results of two subjective tests for the evaluation of the proposed algorithm are presented. The proposed algo...
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Z. Ormanoğlu, C. Acartürk, A. Özkan, Ö. Kılıç, and T. N. Bozkurt, “Perceptual Span in Turkish Reading: A Study on Parafoveal Information Intake,” 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: