Reconstructing Authenticity The Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum in the Ankara Citadel

Three modest houses that were transformed into Erimtan Museum at the Citadel of Ankara were dated to the late seventeenth century and found in a state of demolition due to neglect over the years. The major goal of the architectural interventions was the preservation of the historical and material qualities of the existing houses and the surrounding historical fabric. If the old houses were conceived as ‘authentic’, their reconstructed version was based on a body of information about the functional layout and architectural details. This effort to preserve the historic houses highlights specific issues about authenticity itself. The act of preservation can involve an intricate process which changes, as the meaning of the term shifts from the reconstruction of a building to the reconstruction of an architectural artefact in a museological context. When the context shifts from the existing environment of an edifice to a space defined by a museum, the significance of this term also changes. The study focuses on this transformation.
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