Jackson system development methodology and an application

Al-faraj, Amer S


Jackson system development methodology and an application.
Hiçyılmaz, I Cem; Department of Computer Engineering (1985)
Jackson systems development for stock control systems.
Taheri, Mojgan; Department of Computer Engineering (1992)
Gibbs Model Based 3D Motion and Structure Estimation for Object-Based Video Coding Applications
Alatan, Abdullah Aydın; Onural, Levent (Springer, London/Berlin , 1997-11-01)
Motion analysis is essential for any video coding scheme. A moving object in a 3D environment can be analyzed better by a 3D motion model instead of 2D models, and better modeling might lead to improved coding efficiency. Gibbs formulated joint segmentation and estimation of 2D motion not only improves the performance of each stage, but also generates robust point correspondences which are necessary for rigid 3D motion estimation algorithms. Estimated rigid 3D motion parameters of a segmented object are use...
Cohen's bilinear class of shift-invariant space/spatial-frequency signal representations for particle-location analysis of in-line Fresnel holograms
Ozgen, MT; Demirbaş, Kerim (The Optical Society, 1998-08-01)
The Cohen bilinear class of shift-invariant space-frequency representations provides an automated means for extracting three-dimensional particle locations from in-line holograms without any focusing. For two-dimensional holograms a fixed-frequency slice technique, based on examining, concurrently, the zero-frequency slice and a nonzero-frequency slice of the two-dimensional representation used, is developed for particle-location analysis. The trade-off between auto-term sharpness and cross-term suppression...
Jackson system development, Jackson structured prgramming and application.
Doğulu, M. Fethi; Department of Computer Engineering (1992)
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A. S. Al-faraj, “Jackson system development methodology and an application,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.