Reflections of The World during the Covid-19 Pandemic On the Lives of Immigrants

Immigrants are at the center of the debates on the possible consequences of the Covid-19 global pandemic. Measures to limit human mobility created an important awareness concerning international or national mobile/migrant seasonal workers and refugees (we will be using the term immigrant throughout the article) on a global scale. This unexpected pause in the mobility of millions of immigrants showed how regions of the world that appeared to be separated from each other by deep inequalities were in reality tightly coupled.


The challenge of becoming an immigration country : the case of Germany in the light of the new legal draft on immigration
Yüce, Yasemin; Okyayuz, Mehmet; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2003)
This study is looking for an answer to the question أIs Germany an immigration country?ؤ that has been re-put on the agenda with the new immigration law. At the same time, different dimensions of the immigration country concept have been explained so that the evolution of the characterstics of immigration and Germany̕s immigration history can be investigated in order to explain this question. The main argument of this study is that Germany has become a de facto immigration country by time and now with the n...
The Role of Foreign Policy-related Issues on the Rise of Right-wing Populism: The Case of Hungary.
Ceydilek, Erdem (2018-09-14)
If the rise of the populist radical right in Europe is one fact, the other fact is that, as even a skin-deep look at their discourses will show, the roots of this rise mostly lay in the foreign policy-related issues such as EU membership, immigration policies and security. On the other hand, it is also observable that domestic political gains have priority for these European populist radical right (EPRR) leaders than the foreign policy goals. For this reason, foreign policy issues have an ambivalent nature ...
A Political economic account for social democracy in turkey during the 1990’s
Kurt, Taylan; Ayata, Ayşe; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2017)
This thesis aims to evaluate the crisis of Turkey’s social democracy, whose ideological orientation has been evaluated within history of the Republican People’s Party, during the 1990’s. Throughout the thesis, historical evolution of social democracy until the end of 20th century both in Europe and Turkey according to reconciliation of labor and capital is examined. Besides the transformation of Turkey’s social democracy by consideration of change in production and class relations during the neoliberal era;...
Coping with immigration : the institutional and political dynamics of migration and asylum policy-making in Turkey
Ünsal, Ezgi Berfin; Yıldırtım, Onur; Department of Social Policy (2012)
As a country that is highly affected by the changing nature of international migration due to transformative forces of globalization, Turkey is now being defined as a country of both immigration and emigration. This thesis analyzes Turkish state’s international migration politics and policies with regard to recent global trends in migratory movements. It examines the underlying dynamics that govern the policy making processes and tries to identify the problems stemming from them. The primary goal of the the...
Rethinking Asylum Policies in the EU lessons from the Syrian refugee Crisis
Eralp, Yakup Atila; Yıldız, Ayselin Gözde (null; 2015-03-07)
The Syrian refugee crisis at the doorstep of the EU once more demonstrated the inadequacies of the EU member states as regards their commitments to asylum and international protection. While little progress has been achieved in terms of EU’s aims to have a Common European Asylum System, it is observed that EU is more likely externalising its asylum practices towards non-member third countries in a securitized context which creates more challenges across a broad region including the EU’s immediate neighbourh...
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