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The challenge of becoming an immigration country : the case of Germany in the light of the new legal draft on immigration.

Yüce, Yasemin
This study is looking for an answer to the question أIs Germany an immigration country?ؤ that has been re-put on the agenda with the new immigration law. At the same time, different dimensions of the immigration country concept have been explained so that the evolution of the characterstics of immigration and Germany̕s immigration history can be investigated in order to explain this question. The main argument of this study is that Germany has become a de facto immigration country by time and now with the new immigration law it will be recognizing this de facto phenomenon politically. Germany̕s state system and structure is different from classical immigration countries and moreover it has a strong nation-state tradition that is a big barrier for its becoming an immigration country. Thus, while immigration issue in Germany is debated, the issues stemming from this nation-state tradition will be debated as well. Today, international developments and social dynamics force Germany to redefine itself. Germany is now debating the concept أGermany as an immigration countryؤ and the new immigration law.