Multiple target tracking with Gaussian mixture PHD filter using passive acoustic Doppler-only measurements

Guldogan, Mehmet B.
Lindgren, David
Gustafsson, Fredrik
Habberstad, Hans
Orguner, UMUT
In this paper, we present the performance of the Gaussian mixture probability hypothesis density (GM-PHD) filter in tracking multiple ground targets using a passive acoustic-sensor network. For this purpose, an experimental setup consisting of a network of microphones and a loudspeaker was prepared. Non-cooperative transmissions from a loudspeaker (i.e. illuminator of opportunity) are exploited by non-directional separately located microphones (i.e. Doppler measuring sensors). Experimental proof-of-concept study results show that it is possible to track multiple ground targets using only Doppler shift measurements in a passive multi-static scenario. © 2012 ISIF (Intl Society of Information Fusi).