If Teacher is not Democratic in The Classroom! A Study on the Democratic Trends of Teacher Candidates



When Marriage is War
Jassal, Smita Tewari (Duke Univ. Press, Durham (NC), USA , 2012-03-01)
When early childhood teachers close the door: Self-reported fidelity to a mandated curriculum and teacher beliefs
COBANOGLU, Rahime; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim (2015-01-01)
This study examined the influence of early childhood teachers' beliefs about teaching and self-efficacy beliefs on their self-reported fidelity to a mandated constructivist curriculum. The data were collected from a sample of 308 early childhood teachers from public schools in Turkey. The results of hierarchical regression analyses revealed that early childhood teachers reported a considerably higher level of fidelity to the constructivist curriculum when their beliefs aligned more with the constructivist a...
When a Movie Theater Shoulders Homes and Stores: Apartment Blocks with Movie Theaters
Kaymaz, Elif (2019-05-23)
Which Anatolianism Whither Heritage A History of Anatolianism in Conflicting Narratives of Turkish Heritage
Atakuman, Çiğdem (2011-05-27)
“Every student didn’t learn English” the acquisition of scope by L2 learners of English
Göktürk, Nazlınur; Gracanın Yüksek, Martına; Department of English Language Teaching (2016)
This thesis examines how Turkish learners of English interpret constructions involving negation and a universal quantifier phrase such as every squirrel didn’t pick up nuts. Two experiments were conducted in this study. The first experiment, which consisted of an off-line acceptability rating task, was devised to set the baseline for Turkish and English native speakers’ scope interpretations of the target constructions, and to test how L2 learners with different proficiency levels (i.e., intermediate and ad...
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