An Input-Output Analysis of the Turkish Construction Sector 1973-1990

Using the four input-output tables compiled in Turkey to date, the aim of this paper is to examine the construction sector’s role in Turkish economy and analyse its relationships with the other sectors of the national economy. Analysis results show that the share of construction in GNP and NI tend to increase whereas the GNP share of manufacturing is relatively stable and that of services tend to increase after an abrupt decrease in 1985; backward linkage indicators and output multipliers as well as forward linkage indicators and input multipliers of construction industry are stable; and finally, direct and total construction inputs from manufacturing show relative stability and those from services tend to increase in recent years. These findings point out the similarities between Turkish construction industry and some advanced industrial countries (AICs) like Japan and Italy showing signs of growing ‘maturity’ of the Turkish economy.
Citation Formats
M. T. Birgönül, An Input-Output Analysis of the Turkish Construction Sector 1973-1990. 2000, p. 387.