A content analysis of the security dimension of the Turkish accession to the European Union

Sayın, Ayşe
This thesis aims to analyze the security relations between Turkey and the European Union within the context of enlargement. In this framework, firstly, the historical background of the changing dynamics of their bilateral security relations is studied by focusing both on the Cold War and the Post Cold War periods. In this historical study, more emphasis is put on the Post Cold War period where the changing security understandings of both Turkey and the EU, major developments leading to adoption of new mechanisms by both actors and their impact on their security relations are analyzed. Secondly, after evaluating the importance of security in the European integration and enlargement processes, the security dimension of the Turkish accession, appearing in the official enlargement discourse of the EU actors and in the articles of the leading European think tanks’ scholars is examined via the use of content analysis method. Following this study, a critical analysis of the given speeches and articles is made. In the last part, the different security roles ascribed to Turkey by the EU actors and scholars in the related speeches and articles are discussed within the framework of Turkey’s accession process. Accordingly, it is argued in this thesis that although Turkey’s significance for European and regional security is accepted by the EU actors and scholars, this is not properly reflected on its accession process.
Citation Formats
A. Sayın, “A content analysis of the security dimension of the Turkish accession to the European Union,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.