Solution of MHD Flow with BEM using Direct Radial Basis Function Interpolation

Gürbüz, Merve
Tezer, Münevver


Solution of one dimensional transient flow in composite aquifers using stehfest algorithm
Bakar, Ürün; Önder, Halil; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
In this study, piezometric heads in a composite aquifer composed of an alluvial deposit having a width adjacent to a semi-infinite fractured rock are determined. One dimensional transient flow induced by a constant discharge pumping rate from a stream intersecting alluvial part of the aquifer is considered. Parts of the aquifer are homogeneous andisotropic. Equations of flow, initial and boundary conditions are converted to dimensionless forms for graphical presentation and the interpretation of results ind...
Solution of MHD Flow in an Array of Electromagnetically Coupled Rectangular Ducts
Tezer, Münevver (null; 2018-06-22)
Solution of high speed flows using three dimensional method of characteristics
Başeşme, Ertuğrul Alp; Üçer, Ahmet Ş.; Akmandor, İ. Sinan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1998)
Solution of viscous incompressible flows based on variational formulation using finite element method.
Baş, Ş; Department of Engineering Sciences (1985)
Solution of MHD Flow and Electric Potential in a Rectangular Pipe with a Moving Lid
Tezer, Münevver; Bozkaya, Canan (2016-01-01)
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