Solution of one dimensional transient flow in composite aquifers using stehfest algorithm

Bakar, Ürün
In this study, piezometric heads in a composite aquifer composed of an alluvial deposit having a width adjacent to a semi-infinite fractured rock are determined. One dimensional transient flow induced by a constant discharge pumping rate from a stream intersecting alluvial part of the aquifer is considered. Parts of the aquifer are homogeneous andisotropic. Equations of flow, initial and boundary conditions are converted to dimensionless forms for graphical presentation and the interpretation of results independent of discharge and head inputs specific to the problem. Equations are solved first in Laplace domain and Laplace domain solutions are inverted numerically to real time domain by utilizing Stehfest algorithm.For this purpose, a set of subroutines in VBA Excel are developed. This procedure is verified by application of code to flow in semi-infinite homogeneous aquifer under constant discharge for which analytical solution is available in literature. VBA codes are also developed for two special cases of finite aquifer with impervious and with recharge boundary on the right hand side. Results of composite aquifer solutions with extreme tranmissivity values are compared with these two cases for verification of methodology and sensivity of results.
Citation Formats
Ü. Bakar, “Solution of one dimensional transient flow in composite aquifers using stehfest algorithm,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.