Goal–oriented a posteriori error estimation for Dirichlet boundary control problems



Goal–oriented a posteriori error estimation for Dirichlet boundary control problems
Yücel, Hamdullah (Elsevier BV, 2021-1)
We study goal-oriented a posteriori error estimates for the numerical approximation ofDirichlet boundary control problem governed by a convection diffusion equation withpointwise control constraints on a two dimensional convex polygonal domain. The localdiscontinuous Galerkin method is used as a discretization technique since the controlvariable is involved in a variational form in a natural sense. We derive primal–dualweightederrorestimatesfortheobjectivefunctionalwithanerrortermrepresentingthemismatch in ...
Goal–Oriented a Posteriori Error Estimation for Dirichlet Boundary Control Problems
Yücel, Hamdullah (2018-09-12)
Posterior Cram'er-Rao Lower Bounds for Extended Target Tracking with Random Matrices
Sarıtaş, Elif; Orguner, Umut (2016-07-08)
This paper presents posterior Cram'er-Rao lower bounds (PCRLB) for extended target tracking (ETT) when the extent states of the targets are represented with random matrices. PCRLB recursions are derived for kinematic and extent states taking complicated expectations involving Wishart and inverse Wishart distributions. For some analytically intractable expectations, Monte Carlo integration is used. The bounds for the semi-major and minor axes of the extent ellipsoid are obtained as well as those for the exte...
Optimal control and reduced order modelling of Fitzhugh–Nagumo equation
Küçükseyhan , Tuğba; Karasözen, Bülent; Uzunca, Murat; Department of Scientific Computing (2017)
In this thesis, we investigate model order reduction and optimal control of FitzHugh-Nagumo equation (FHNE). FHNE is coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) of activator-inhibitor types. Diffusive FHNE is a model for the transmission of electrical impulses in a nerve axon, whereas the convective FHNE is a model for blood coagulation in a moving excitable media. We discretize these state FHNEs using a symmetric interior penalty Galerkin (SIPG) method in space and an average vector field (AVF) method in...
Model Order Reduction on Control Problems of Navier-Stokes Equations
Evcin, Cansu; Uğur, Ömür (null; 2017-09-18)
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