Haddon Matrix and Swiss Cheese Model: The Integrated Crash Analysis

Öztürk, İbrahim
The analysis of road traffic accidents is important for determining the reasons behind the accidents and developing appropriate future countermeasures. Many models and theories have been applied for the analyses of road traffic accidents. In the current study, Haddon Matrix and Swiss Cheese Model were integrated into one model and near misses and accidents were evaluated accordingly. Moreover, the new model was used to analyze a case road traffic accident. According to the results of the new model, the accident report mainly focused on the pre-crash and crash level driver and vehicle information without stating interactions between factors. In the literature, it is the first model developing a relational analysis by integrating these two approaches into accident analysis. The new model adds interaction between factors within phases of Haddon Matrix by using Swiss Cheese Model. While investigating future accidents, factors including physical and social environment factors and the interactions between them should be considered by using the new model.
Haddon Matrix and Swiss Cheese Model: The Integrated Crash Analysis", 15th European Congress of Psychology, 11 - 14 Temmuz 2017


An approach to investigate relationship between speed and safety on urban arterials
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Spatio-temporal accident analysis for accident prevention in relation to behavioral factors in driving: The case of South Anatolian Motorway
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We hypothesized that the combination of self reported high ratings of driving skills and low ratings of safety skills creates a serious risk for road accident involvement. This study was aimed at investigating the asymmetric interplay between driving and safety skills among Turkish drivers (N= 785) using the Driving Skills Inventory [Lajunen, T., Summala, H., 1995. Driver experience, personality, and skill and safety motive dimensions in drivers' self-assessments. Pers. Indiv. Differ. 19, 307-318]. The assu...
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