MHA tasarımlarına ilham veren kanatlı böceklerin uçuş özellikleri

In the last years, there has been lots of investigation on the aerodynamics of flapping wing micro air vehicles. By analysing the flapping mechanics of natural flyers like birds and insects, human made robotical unmanned aircrafts are manufactured. In general, the works which investigates the flows at low Reynolds numbers covers both the biological flyers and human-made Micro Air Vehicles (MAV). In this work, the flight and properties of winged insects are summarized for the purpose of giving inspiration for the designs of Micro Air Vehicles. In addition, dimensional analysis which could be used for the experimental works is shown.
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D. F. Kurtuluş, “MHA tasarımlarına ilham veren kanatlı böceklerin uçuş özellikleri,” pp. 66–75, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: