The effect of human microtubule associated protein tau on the assembly structure of microtubules and its ionic strength dependence

Choi, M C
Raviv, Uri
Miller, Herbert P
Gaylord, Michelle
Kiriş, Erkan
Ventimiglia, Donovan
Needleman, Daniel J
Chung, P J
Deek, J
Lapointe, N
Kim, M W
Wilson, Leslie
Feinstein, Stuart C
Safinya, Cyrus R


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Mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) are self-renewing, pluripotent cells that can differentiate into endoderm, mesoderm and neuroectoderm. As differentiation requires deactivation of pluripotency factors and activation of germ layer specific genes, many epigenetic factors play an essential role. A previously performed shRNA screen showed that SETD3 which is a SET-domain containing epigenetic factor, is an essential factor for mesendoderm differentiation of mESCs. Our preliminary data demonstrated that when m...
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In this study, we have substituted serine-43 by cysteine in the recombinant citrate synthase from a moderately thermophilic Archaeon Thermoplasma acidophilum, for site-specific attachment of labels and have investigated the effects of this mutation on the biochemical properties and thermal stability of the enzyme. Both wild-type and the mutant enzymes were purified to homogenity using affinity chromatography on Matrex Gel Red A. The mutant Thermoplasma citrate synthase is very similar to wild-type citrate s...
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