Energy Efficiency of Drilling Operations

This chapter presents a review of the literature on energy efficiency of drilling operations in mineral industries. The drilling systems, the factors effecting drilling work and the general relations between type of drilling systems and corresponding the property of rock introduced. First, the basic features of rock drilling and the role of drilling work in energy efficiency of mineral industry is generally described. Then the importance of energy concept which is usually expressed in terms of specific energy, and related approachesas well as the related studies are reviewed. The recommendations made for thefuture research directions to enhance the energy efficiency of drilling operations in mineral industries. The papers included in the review were mainly selected through searches in major abstract databases of web of sciences.


Clean coal and carbon capture and storage technology roadmap of Turkey
Vural, Aslı; Kök, Mustafa Verşan; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2010)
The present study presents a draft national CCT (Clean Coal Technologies) and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology roadmap to policy makers. Various technical and non-technical (economic and social) challenges that currently prevent CCT and CCS from being a widely used commercial technology are discussed and the goals for each research pathway are defined. The process of creating the roadmap started with a review and assessment of the existing national and international technology roadmaps which repr...
Fossil fuel sustainability index: An application of resource management
Ediger, Volkan S.; Hosgor, Enes; Surmeli, A. Nesen; Tatlidil, Huseyin (2007-05-01)
A brief review on use of fossil fuel resources and sustainability is given in this paper. A sustainability index for fossil fuels is developed, which aims to determine the most efficient management of fossil fuel resources for the energy system. The study is conducted for 62 countries, in the presence of independence, lifetime and environmental constraints. The effect of these indicators are then integrated into a single index for oil, natural gas, and coal. Two approaches have been taken. The first one emp...
Solar-thermal driven drying technologies for large-scale industrial applications: State of the art, gaps, and opportunities
Kamfa, In'am; Fluch, Juergen; Bartali, Ruben; Baker, Derek Keıth (2020-7-01)
Research and Innovation (R&I) on Large-scale Industrial Solar-thermal driven Drying technologies (LISDs) is one of the strategies required to transition to a low-carbon energy future. The objective for this work is to guide future R&I on LISDs by defining the state of the art, gaps, and opportunities. To provide a high-level perspective on the current state of solar drying research, results are presented from an analysis of the content relevant to LISDs found in 45 solar drying Review Articles published in ...
Life cycle and cost performance analysis on ship structural maintenance strategy of a short route hybrid ferry
Wang, Haibin; Oğuz, Elif; Jeong, Byongug; Zhou, Peilin (null; 2018-05-09)
This paper presents the importance of coating maintenance and suggests an optimal strategy from economic and environmental points of view. Life cycle analysis is introduced to estimate the economy and environment impacts so particular decision can be made. A case study of a hybrid ferry is carried out where cash, energy and emission flows are tracked and evaluated. With different maintenance intervals, the consumptions of energy, materials and fuels are evaluated to estimate their cost benefits. Emissions n...
Privatization, Ownership and Technical Efficiency a Study of the Turkish Cement Industry
Saygili, Seref; Taymaz, Erol (2001-12-01)
This paper presents an empirical study of the effects of ownership and privatization on technical efficiency in the Turkish cement industry. We first summarize the characteristics of the Turkish cement industry and changes in industrial structure in the post-privatization period. The effects of ownership and privatization on technical efficiency are estimated using the stochastic production frontier approach. The empirical tests presented, which use data on all cement plants in Turkey, suggest that neither ...
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