Blurring the Disciplinary Boundries of Design: Zoom/TPU



Reframing Architectural History: Notes on Some New Approaches
Özkaya, Ayşe Belgin (null; 2008-06-03)
Encountering the inner face of products: Computer repair practice and amateur computer repairers
Özçelik, Ayşegül; Kaygan, Harun; Department of Industrial Design (2020-8)
Interacting with the inner face of products leads to knowing more than knowing the product as a user. Repair creates an opportunity for the user to interact with the components of the product. This study investigates amateur computer repairers and the amateur computer repair activities including maintenance, upgrading, modification, replacing part, cleaning, and customization by approaching them with practice theoretical framework. The research aims to describe the user-product interaction that is character...
Missing links in poverty analysis in the age of neoliberal globalization: Some lessons from Turkey
Şenses, Fikret (2008-03-01)
The main objective of this essay is to point out the missing links between neoliberalism on the one hand, and a comprehensive analysis of poverty and effective policies to tackle it, on the other. After identifying the main channels through which neoliberalism affects poverty, I will draw attention to the inadequacy of the neoliberal approach in coming to terms with the main reasons behind poverty, as well as in developing a comprehensive and effective mechanism for its alleviation. I emphasize the role of ...
Spanning the gap: Heidegger's Solution to the problem of transcendence and his critique of modern subjectivity
Günok, Emrah; Çırakman, Elif; Department of Philosophy (2012)
This study aims at exhibiting the strong correlation between the question of subjectivity and the question of being. If the question of subjectivity is to be formulated in terms of the relation between the inner realm of consciousness and the outer world, then the question will have an epistemological form and becomes the question of the objectivity of our knowledge. In the dissertation, however, it will be claimed with the German philosopher Martin Heidegger that the critical stand taken against the subjec...
Tracing Successful Online Teaching in Higher Education: Voices of Exemplary Online Teachers
Baran, Evrim; Correia, Ana-Paula; Thompson, Ann D. (2013-03-01)
Background: Although advances in distance learning have shown signs of a reconfiguration of the teacher's role in online environments, a large number of online teaching practices still do not show many signs of this shift. Given the need for a change in pedagogies, investigating how exemplary teachers transfer their thinking, pedagogical knowledge, and beliefs to successful online teaching is critical to understanding new online learning and teaching practices. The research on online teacher roles and pract...
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