Nozzle design for ArcelorMittal Dofasco's No. 1 continuous caster for minimizing sliver defects

Sengupta, Joydeep
Yavuz, Mehmet Metin
A study was conducted at ArcelorMlttal Dofasco to evaluate fluid flow patterns generated in the No. 1 continuous caster mold by using computational fluid flow and heat transfer models. Single-phase (liquid steel without argon co-flow), three-dimensional, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer models were developed using ANSYS CFXTM for a 220-mm-thick mold and a two-port SEN with a nozzle well used at the No. 1 CC to produce ULC steel slabs at various caster throughput rates. Based on these models, the predicted fluid flow conditions that might contribute to alumina and/ or mold powder entrapment at extreme caster throughput rates were identified. Meniscus velocities greater than 0.35 m/second in a 900-mm-wide mold at extremely high throughput rate resulted in excessive meniscus activity, contributing to the entrapment of mold powder, and meniscus velocities less than 0.20 m/second in a 1,600-mm- wide mold at extremely low throughput rate may result in minimal meniscus activity and formation of deep hooks and oscillation marks, contributing to entrapment of alumina inclusions.
Iron and Steel Technology


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