Adaptive equalization of the HF fading multipath channels by using a fractionally spaced decision feedback equalizer and a modified kalman channel tracking scheme

Salih, Murat


Adaptive usage of the butterworth digital filter
Erer, Koray S. (2007-01-01)
The Butterworth lowpass filter is a conventional tool that has been commonly used in gait analysis applications. Its operation mainly depends on the selection of the cut-off frequency, which must be done based on the condition of the raw signal assuming that it is stationary. This tool is unable to deal with nonstationary signals especially if impact is involved. In this paper, a modified version of the Butterworth filter that can handle nonstationary signals is presented. The new filter has a variable cut-...
Adaptive Control Algorithm for Linear Systems with Matched and Unmatched Uncertainties
Yayla, Metehan; Kutay, Ali Türker (2016-12-14)
In this paper, a new uncertainty identification method is introduced for both matched and unmatched uncertainties in an uncertain dynamical system. Online identifications of matched and unmatched uncertainties that can be linearly parameterized are ensured without requiring persistent excitation (PE) condition. Furthermore, constant weight matrices that parameterizes the unstructured uncertainties are guaranteed to stay bounded without PE. Findings are implemented on a hybrid adaptive control design, and gl...
Abdulwahab, Bassam; Tayfun, Nesimoglu; Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2021-9)
Power Amplifiers (PA) are widely used in mobile communication systems, yet power amplifiers have a non-linear region which is the major problem in all communication and radar systems. Moreover, PAs show a low power efficiency when operating in their linear region and are highly non-linear when operating in their high-efficiency region. To overcome such issues, there are different methods to linearize PAs and other methods to enhance their power efficiency. These linearization methods are built to meet a cer...
Adaptive estimation of autoregressive models under long-tailed symmetric distribution
Yentür, Begüm; Bayrak, Özlem Türker; Akkaya, Ayşen (2019-07-08)
In this paper, we consider the autoregressive models where the error term is non-normal; specifically belongs to a long-tailed symmetric distribution family since it is more relevant in practice than the normal distribution. It is known that least squares (LS) estimators are neither efficient nor robust under non-normality and maximum likelihood (ML) estimators cannot be obtained explicitly and require a numerical solution which might be problematic. In recent years, modified maximum likelihood (MML) estima...
Adaptive Control of Necklace States in a Photonic Crystal Waveguide
Yüce, Emre; Sokolov, Sergei; Bertolotti, Jacopo; Combrie, Sylvain; Lehoucq, Gaelle; De Rossi, Alfredo; Mosk, Allard P. (2018-10-01)
Resonant cavities with high quality factor and small mode volume provide crucial enhancement of light matter interactions in nanophotonic devices that transport and process classical and quantum information. The production of functional circuits containing many such cavities remains a major challenge, as inevitable imperfections in the fabrication detune the cavities, which strongly affects functionality such as transmission. In photonic crystal waveguides, intrinsic disorder gives rise to high-Q localized ...
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M. Salih, “Adaptive equalization of the HF fading multipath channels by using a fractionally spaced decision feedback equalizer and a modified kalman channel tracking scheme,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.