The Effects of Speaker’s Accent on Listening Comprehension Tests

International Journal of Curriculum and Instruction


The effects of stimulus onset asynchrony on the item-specific proportion congruency effect in a picture-word stroop task
Mısırlısoy, Mine; Bozkurt, Özge; Tanyaş, Hilal (null; 2019-09-28)
The item-specific proportion congruency (ISPC) effect is demonstrated by a larger Stroop effect for mostly congruent (MC) items compared to mostly incongruent (MI) items. In previous studies, we showed that the ISPC effect changed as a function of stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA). Specifically, the ISPC effect was observed for the -200 ms (word-first), and 0 ms (simultaneous) conditions, but disappeared in the +200 ms (color-first) condition. The aim of the current study was to conceptually replicate and ext...
The Effects of a Game-Enhanced Language Learning Intervention on Students’ L2 Development and L2 Motivational Self-System
Musaoğlu Aydın, Seda; Çakır, Nur (2020-04-17)
The Effects of supervisor characteristics on therapists’ supervision experience
Gök, Ali Can; Gençöz, Tülin; Selçuk, Emre; Department of Psychology (2017)
Supervision is a necessity and a core competency in licensure of psychotherapy practice. Research on common factors in supervision revealed supervisory working alliance as a distinguished factor independent from supervision model, treatment model, and treated population. Therefore, the current study aims to examine (1) the time course of supervision process (i.e. Supervisory Working Alliance, Negative Affect related to Supervision) from therapists’ point of view, (2) how the interaction of therapists’ and s...
The effects of teaching L2 rhetorical organization on Turkish freshman student's L1 Expository writing
Atakent, Aylin; Çileli, Meral; Department of English Language Education (1999)
The effects of cooperative learning activities on the retention of vocabulary
Duzan, Kemal Cem; Daloğlu, Ayşegül; Department of English Language Teaching (2006)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of cooperative learning activities and the STAD technique on students̕ vocabulary retention. The relationship between students̕ course achievement and type of vocabulary learning activities they engage in with respect to their retention levels were also investigated. The study was conducted with one elementary level group at Başkent University. 22 students took part in the study. The participants were taught a total of 40 words, through 4 reading less...
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