Multi user support for virtual geogebra teams

Stahl, Gerry
Jim, Ou
Çakır, Murat Perit
Steve, Weimar
Goggins, Sean
The Math Forum is an online resource center for pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and pre-calculus. Its Virtual Math Teams (VMT) service provides an integrated web-based environment for small teams to discuss mathematics. The VMT collaboration environment now includes the dynamic mathematics application, GeoGebra. It offers a multi-user version of GeoGebra, which can be used in concert with VMT’s chat, web browsers, curricula and wiki repository.
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G. Stahl, O. Jim, M. P. Çakır, W. Steve, and S. Goggins, “Multi user support for virtual geogebra teams,” 2011, p. 117, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: