A comparative study on the seismic performances of unreinforced and confined masonry buildings

Erberik, Murat Altuğ
Erköseoğlu, Gülden


A survey on quaternary codes and their binary images
Özkaya, Derya; Yücel, Melek D; Department of Cryptography (2009)
Certain nonlinear binary codes having at least twice as many codewords as any known linear binary code can be regarded as the binary images of linear codes over Z4. This vision leads to a new concept in coding theory, called the Z4-linearity of binary codes. This thesis is a survey on the linear quaternary codes and their binary images under the Gray map. The conditions for the binary image of a linear quaternary code to be linear are thoroughly investigated and the Z4-linearity of the Reed-Muller and Hammi...
A Critique on the Turkish Earthquake Code Regulations Regarding Masonry Construction
Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Ay, Bekir Özer (2008-11-07)
Masonry is still a commonly used type of residential construction in rural and even in urban regions. Unfortunately, the strength and stability of masonry structures are critical in the case of high amplitude cyclic lateral loads such as earthquake ground motion. Hence, the masonry buildings with structural deficiencies belong to the most vulnerable class of structures which have experienced heavy damage or even total collapse in previous earthquakes, especially in developing countries like Turkey. The dama...
A mathematical model for the response of masonry walls for to dynamic excitations.
Sucuoğlu, Haluk; Mengi, Yalçın; Department of Engineering Sciences (1982)
Simulation of the in-plane structural behavior of unreinforced masonry walls and buildings using DEM
Pulatsu, Bora; Erdogmus, Ece; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Lemos, Jose V.; Tuncay, Kağan (2020-10-01)
In this study, a novel computational modeling strategy is proposed to estimate the lateral load capacity and behavior of unreinforced masonry (URM) structures. All commonly noted failure mechanisms are captured via the proposed modeling strategy using the discrete element method (DEM) in three-dimensions (3D). Masonry walls are represented as a system of elastic discrete blocks, where the nodal velocities are evaluated by integrating the equations of motion using the central difference method. Then, the mec...
An investigation of the failure criterion for adobe walls.
Gürdil, Fikret A; Erdoğan, Turhan Y.; Gülkan, Polat; Department of Civil Engineering (1986)
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M. A. Erberik and G. Erköseoğlu, “A comparative study on the seismic performances of unreinforced and confined masonry buildings,” presented at the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering 18-21 June 2018, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: http://www.16ecee.org/.