Stoicheion Teriminin Kullanımına Dair



Stochastic modeling of monthly flows of Ankara Creek in Sakarya basın
Yiğit, Uğur; Şendil, Uygur; Department of Civil Engineering (1998)
Computational analysis for performance prediction of Stirling cryocoolers
Çakıl, Semih; Yamalı, Cemil; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2010)
Stirling cryocoolers are required for a wide variety of applications, especially in military equipment, due to their small size, low weight, long lifetime and high reliability considering their efficiency. Thus, it is important to be able to investigate the operating performance of these coolers in the design stage. This study focuses on developing a computer program for simulating a Stirling cryocooler according to the second order analysis. The main consideration is to simulate thermodynamic, fluid dynami...
Self-love and self-deception in Seneca, the Stoic
Sururi, Ayten; İnam, Ahmet; Department of Philosophy (2005)
In this thesis, Seneca̕s notion of self as self-love and the problem of self-deception are analyzed. In examining three types of self-love, اignorant, progressing selves,اthree models of self-deception are discussed. Self-deception is related to the problem of self-knowledge. I discuss the nature of self-love as self-esteem and self-preservation and self-shaping all of which are innate qualities and develop into more complex forms of knowing. Passions are concrete examples of the representations of deceived...
Thermal analysis of stirling cycle regenerators
Özbay, Sercan; Tarı, İlker; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2011)
Stirling cycle cryocoolers are used widely in military applications. The regenerator is the key element of Stirling cycle cryocoolers. It is known that performance of the regenerator directly affects the cryocooler performance. Therefore, any improvement on the regenerator will lead to a more efficient cryocooler. Thus, it is essential to have an idea about regenerator parameters and their effects on the system. In this study Stirling engine regenerator, which is constructed by wire mesh screens, is accepte...
Evaluation of salt tolerance in sto transformed Arabidopsis thaliana and Nicotiana tabacum plants
Selçuk, Feyza; Yücel, Ayşe Meral; Department of Biology (2004)
Salinity is one of the limiting factors of crop development. Together with causing water loss from plant tissues, salinity also leads to ion toxicity. Under salt stress, increase in Ca+2 concentration in cytosol can decrease the deleterious effects of stress. The binding of Ca+2 to calmodulin initiates a signaling cascade involving the activation of certain transcription factors like STO and STZ. This signal transduction pathway regulates transport of proteins that control net Na+ influx across the plasma m...
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