How Web 2.0 tools can be integrated in early childhood education?

Recently, considering the fact that technology use is inevitable for everyone due to increasing ease of access to technological devices such as mobile phones and tablet PCs along with the necessity of digital literacy in the 21st century; technology use in early childhood education is no longer a taboo. In fact, the question whether technology should be used in early childhood education classrooms has shifted to how it can be used in a more developmentally appropriate way in these classrooms. However, the current teacher training programs mainly focus on traditional teaching methods and present insufficient facilities for improving technological-pedagogical competencies of preservice teachers. This study aims to provide an insight to early childhood education (ECE) preservice teachers’ reflections about how Web 2.0 tools can be incorporated into early childhood education settings. For this purpose, several Web 2.0 tools (i.e. blogs, concept maps, visual presentation tools, learning management systems, infographics, video and audio-, multimedia development- and survey-tools) were introduced to 38 preservice ECE teachers during the period of nine weeks. Participants attended to two-hour lab sessions related to each tool, where they were introduced to the tool and completed a set of instructions using the designated tool. At the end of each session, researchers asked participants to write an example use-case scenario about utilization of the designated Web 2.0 tool within an ECE classroom. Collected reflections were analyzed following open coding procedures to find out the emerging themes and subthemes along with the useful cases and suggestions for both novice and professional early childhood educators.
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