A good way of increasing effectiveness of college teaching: mid-semester evaluation

One of the most important indicators of effective teaching in higher education is the student evaluations of teaching. In many of the higher education institutions, students evaluate the courses they have taken at the end of each semester. These evaluations are generally summative and mostly done for the purpose of assessing the faculty performance and used for promotion or tenure process (Lindahl & Unger, 2010; Young, Joines, Standish, & Gallagher, 2018). On the other hand, formative teach ing assessment in which the evaluation is done during the process, is becoming more and more popular in higher education institutions. In formative evaluation students evaluate the process of teaching and they become better and active participants of their own learning and see the effects of their feedback (Mariano, Hammonds, Chambers, & Spear, 2017). Considering the benefits of formative evaluation, some of the higher education institutions have begun to make use of mid - semester evaluation to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching. Mid - semester evaluation is a type formative evaluation in which feedback on a specific course is received from the students taking the course in the middle of the semester. This kind of evaluation provides the faculty with an opp ortunity to improve their teaching practices and activities before the semester ends. It is also a way of increasing students’ learning and academic success. The literature indicates the significant positive impact of mid - semester course evaluation on the student views of learning environment and shows positive changes in student behaviors after the evaluation (Hurney et al., 2014). The number of universities using mid - semester evaluation is increasing and some universities such as Princeton University, Uni versity of California, Indiana University, Michigan State University, and Cornell University, regularly apply mid - semester evaluation to improve college teaching. In Turkey, currently there are a few number of universities (e.g. METU and Koç University) co nducting mid - semester evaluation. Within this regard, the current study aimed to provide information about benefits of using mid - semester evaluation in higher education and describes the procedures for its effective usage by sharing the experience of Middl e East Technical University, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning regarding the mid semester evaluation. It is hoped that this presentation will provide valuable information regarding why and how mid - semester evaluation serves to the purpose improvin g teaching - learning process in higher education institution.
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E. Eret, Y. Çapa Aydın, and O. Güneri, “A good way of increasing effectiveness of college teaching: mid-semester evaluation,” Kayseri, Türkiye, 2018, p. 152, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/83338.