Solid-state syntheses and X-ray diffraction studies of CdS, NaS and NaSO.

Çetin, K. Müge


Solid-state synthesis and X-ray diffraction studies of Na2S
Kizilyalli, M.; Bilgin, M.; Kizilyalli, H.M. (Elsevier BV, 1990-4)
Na2S was synthesized by a new solid-gas reaction of Na2CO3 with a sulfidizing gas mixture and a solid-solid reaction of carbon with Na2SO4. The reaction products were analyzed by X-ray powder diffraction and IR methods. Two new crystal modifications of Na2S were identified in addition to the previously reported antifluorite structure. They were designated as cubic Form II and orthorhombic Form III. The approximate unit cell dimensions were found to be a = 11.29 Å for the cubic form and a = 15.94, b = 16.00,...
Solid-state polymerization of acrylamide N-vinylcarbazole and vinylstearate initiated by gamma radiation.
Usanmaz, Ali; Department of Chemistry (1970)
KIZILYALLI, M; DARRAS, M (Elsevier BV, 1993-12-01)
NaGdP2O7 was synthesized by the solid-state reaction of Gd2O3 with Na2CO3 and 4(NH4)2HPO4 at 650°C. The X-ray powder diffraction data of NaGdP2O7 was indexed in the orthorhombic system with the approximate unit cell dimensions of a = 12.44 , b = 15.00, and c = 15.87 Å and the space group is Pmm2. Analysis of the vibrations of the P2O4-7 ion according to C2v symmetry and approximate band assignments for IR spectra are also reported in this work. The P-O-P band was found to be nonlinear, and some coincidences...
Solid-state polymerization of allylurea and methacrylamide initiated by gamma radiation.
Ürün, Ali Sinan; Department of Chemistry (1979)
Solid Solution Strenghtening in Amorphous-Crystalline Metallic Composites
Fathipour, Sevda; Motallebzadeh, Amir; Duygulu, Özgür; Özerinç, Sezer (2021-06-10)
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K. M. Çetin, “Solid-state syntheses and X-ray diffraction studies of CdS, NaS and NaSO.,” Middle East Technical University, 1986.