Molecular phylogentic relationship among Türkish Salix species Seguence analysis of Chloroplast rbcL and nuclear ETS regions

Acar, Pelin
Özdemir Değirmenci, Funda
Kaya, Zeki
23rd National Biology Congress (5 - 9 Eylül 2016)


Dogan, Gulden; Yılmaz, Aslı; Bagci, Eyup; Kaya, Zeki (2017-12-01)
The phylogenetic relationships of Drosanthe section of Hypericum genus (Hypericaceae) were analyzed by using non-coding chloroplast DNA region (trnL 3'-trnF) for 58 individuals. The section is represented by 23 taxa and nine of which are endemic to Turkey. The chloroplast phylogeny suggested that the members of this section belonged to a polyphyletic group, which imply at least two independent origins. The individuals of this section clearly formed two main clades. One clade included all members of this sec...
Molecular phylogenetics of Turkish Salix L. species
Acar, Pelin; Kaya, Zeki; Department of Biology (2017)
Chloroplast (trnT-F, matK and rbcL) and nuclear genome (ITS) regions were used to explore the evolutionary relationships of Salix species which are native to Turkey. Morphological analysis with the utilization of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was also carried out. Such a combined sequence data from cpDNA and nrDNA genes enabled reliable subgenus-level classification of Turkish willows (subgenus Salix and Vetrix). Morphological and genetic results agree with traditional taxonomic concepts in clustering ...
Molecular phylogenetic analyses of Juniperus L. species in Turkey and their relations with other junipers based on cpDNA
Güvendiren, Aysun Demet; Kaya, Zeki; Department of Biology (2015)
Evolutionary relationships within and among two sections and three subsections of Juniperus species (Section Juniperus, subsections Juniperus, Oxycedrus and Caryocedrus, Section Sabina) naturally distributed in Turkey were investigated with molecular variations of chloroplast DNA (cpDNA). This study revealed the phylogenetic relation of 66 individuals from 7 native Turkish Juniperus L. species based upon DNA sequence of trnL intron (trnL5’-L3’) , trnL3’- F(GAA) (trnL-F intergenic spacer), trnV intron and ma...
Molecular Characterization of Salmonella isolates collected from different sources in Turkey
Durul, B; Acar, Sinem; Bulut, E; Uner, I; Kur, M; Avsaroglu, D M; Kirmaci, A H; Tel, Y; Yıldız Zeyrek, Fadile; Dilsiz, Nihat; Soyer, Yeşim (2013-05-21)
Molecular adaptations in cadmium and lead resistant environmental species
Kepenek, Eda Şeyma; Gözen, Ayşe Gül; Severcan, Feride; Department of Biology (2017)
Environmental pollution caused by heavy metal exposure has detrimental effects on human health. For the reclamation of polluted areas, bacteria have been used in remediation. For those bioremediation attempts, finding the appropriate bacterial strains is an important issue. In their environment, bacteria may exist close to the source of heavy metals. Sudden exposure to high concentrations of the heavy metal may trigger quick response mechanisms to ensure survival. On the other hand, bacteria may live at a d...
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P. Acar, F. Özdemir Değirmenci, and Z. Kaya, “Molecular phylogentic relationship among Türkish Salix species Seguence analysis of Chloroplast rbcL and nuclear ETS regions,” presented at the 23rd National Biology Congress (5 - 9 Eylül 2016), Gaziantep, Türkiye, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: