Komana’da 2016 yılı arkeolojik araştırmaları



Komana’da yeni arkeolojik bulgular
Erciyas, Deniz Burcu (2017-10-29)
Komana’da (Sisiyye) 2010-2012 yılları kazı çalışmaları
Erciyas, Deniz Burcu (null; 2014-05-01)
A Preliminary archaeometallurgical examination of some bronze coins from Komana
Aydın, Ayşen Elşen; Erciyas, Deniz Burcu; Department of Archaeometry (2019)
This thesis comprises archaeometallurgical investigations on some coins found in archaeological excavations at the ancient settlement of Komana-Tokat. Micro-XRF and Scanning Electron Microscope analysis methods were used in this study. By means of these methods, it was aimed to obtain information about the alloy compositions of the coins found at this site dating to different periods. This is also the first archaeometallurgical study on the coins found in Komana. According to the results of the analysis, th...
The Hexagonal Basin at Komana: A Preliminary Architectural Study
Çinici, Ahmet; Erciyas, Deniz Burcu (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2010-07-28)
Komana, 9 km northeast of modern day Tokat in the ancient Kingdom of Mithradates of the Hellenistic period, is mostly known from 19th century travellers’ accounts, and the ancient author Strabo’s Geography. However no proper archaeological investigation has been carried out until 2004. Between 2004 and 2008, a team from the Graduate Program in Settlement Archaeology at the Middle East Technical University, led by B. Erciyas, conducted extensive and intensive surveys, geophysical prospection, archival study ...
Komana Antik Kenti’nde Kazı ve Araştırmalar
Erciyas, Deniz Burcu (null; 2017-05-06)
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