Modernization Approach and the Failed Transition in the Western Balkans



Modernization approach and the failed transition in the Western Balkans
Türkeş, Mustafa; Akdan, Tolgahan (Peter Lang, 2015-01-01)
Modernization processes and constitutional revolutions in the Ottoman Empire and Iran
Arslan, Sanem; Tür Küçükkaya, Özlem; Department of Middle East Studies (2010)
This thesis aims to analyze the early modernization processes in the Ottoman Empire and Iran up to the end of their eventual constitutional revolutions of the early twentieth century in a comparative manner. In looking at the countries’ modernization processes, it emphasizes the importance of foreign influence – that of Western powers and Russia. It argues that these processes were a response to the rising socio-political and economic power of the West and Western intrusions into the territories of each sta...
Globalization and its challenges for developing countries: the case of Turkish higher education
Akar, Hanife (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2010-4-4)
This paper examines the challenges faced by the Turkish higher education system and exposes the inequities and realities educators in a developing nation must struggle with as they try to find a prestigious spot in the knowledge-production industry. After a brief overview of the literature that illustrates how globalization penetrated into each stage of development of Turkey's modern institutions of higher education, the paper presents a discussion, based on national and international statistics, of the cha...
Cosmopolitanism and nationalism in a globalized world
Yegenoglu, M (Informa UK Limited, 2005-01-01)
The disenfranchised subaltern groups of the South disappear from the current Anglo-American cultural studies discourse on globalization as their conditions are made synonymous with the diasporas in the First World centres. However, if we do not take the metropolitan situation as the sole important site of transnationality, but turn our attention to the lives of subaltern groups in the South we will gather a different picture of globalization. The essay discusses the various ways in which cosmopolitanism is ...
Globalization and the changing political economy of distribution channels in Turkey
Tokatli, N; Eldener, YB (2002-02-01)
Since the 1980s, under the influence of global economic processes, there have been dramatic changes in the distribution channels of food, beverages, tobacco, and other fast-moving consumer goods in Turkey, resulting in a redistribution of both economic and social power. The outcome has been the rise of a few businesses, with others being left increasingly vulnerable in the face of a changing environment. Consequently, there has been an important power shift towards large and enormously influential corporati...
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