Borders and Silence in Abdulrazak Gurnah s By the Sea



Boundaries and Borders of the Past in the Narratives of the Neolithic Period in Turkey
Atakuman, Çiğdem (null; 2013-06-05)
Borders, Boundaries and Belonging in Post-Ottoman Space in the Interwar Period
Boyar, Ebru; Fleet, Kate (Brill, Leiden , 2023-01-01)
Focusing on new nation states and mandates in post-Ottoman territories,Borders, Boundaries and Belonging in Post-Ottoman Space in the Interwar Periodexamines how people negotiated, imagined or ignored new state borders and how they conceived of or constructed belonging. Through investigations of border crossing, population transfer, exile and emigration, this book explores the intricacies of survival within and beyond newly imposed state borders, the exploitation of opportunities and the human cost of polit...
Masks Or Souls?: Halide Edib's Politics and Her Pacifism as a Playwright
Ezer, Oezlem (2012-10-01)
In this article, I discuss Halide Edib's play Masks or Souls? (MOS) as anti-war literature by a Turkish female intellectual and activist who lived between the two World Wars. The article provides a more complete portrayal of Edib, who has often been reduced to a nationalist novelist. I also argue that MOS contains autobiographical insights. There is evidence in MOS, for example, that Edib became a pacifist on the eve of the Second World War. Another war Edib fought was against the ideas and ideologies withi...
Limits of the Imaginable in the Early Turkish Novel: Non-Muslim Prostitutes and Their Ottoman Muslim Clients
Yıldız Bağçe, Hülya (University of Texas Press, 2012-12-01)
Toprak, İsmail Ömer; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2022-3-14)
The contradictory location of intellectual labor today brings before us a picture in which they are being dragged into two contradictory directions. On the one hand qualified/educated labor widely experiences some form of deprofessionalisation and precarization in different sectors. On the other hand, there occurs another debate that ignores all this reality. It is emphasized by the predictions of creative class over cities that the same qualified labor has become the engine of urban growth in today’s world...
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