A longitudinal study of elementary students use of variable notation to represent mathematical generalizations

Blanton, Maria
Gardiner, Angela
İşler Baykal, Işıl
Stephens, Ana
Knuth, Eric


A cross-age study on elementary students’ value orientations, environmental optimism levels and environmental concern
Eryiğit, Arzu; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Educational Sciences (2010)
A cross age study was conducted to investigate 6th, 7th and 8th grade students’ value orientations, environmental optimism, and environmental concern. In addition, gender and grade level differences in the environmental-related attributes were examined. A total of 938 (491 girls and 447 boys) students attending public schools located in Kelkit, the district of Gumushane, were administered a questionnaire consisting of Demographics, Environmental Attitudes and Apathy Scales, Environmental Concern Scale , Env...
A Study on preservice teachers’ perceived preparedness levels regarding instructional planning and creating learning environments
Karaca, Nurdan; Akar, Hanife; Department of Educational Sciences (2019)
The purpose of the study was to investigate perceived preparedness levels of senior preservice teachers regarding instructional planning and creating learning environments at a state university in Northwest Turkey. Variables of gender, high school type, department, GPA, desire to become a teacher and desire to continue graduate education in educational sciences field were examined to see if there were significant differences in preparedness levels of preservice teachers in terms of these variables. By exami...
A Case Study of Primary School Students’ Internet Addiction
Topaloğlu, Bilge; Karahan, Engin (2021-09-01)
A Validity Reliability Study Investigating Parent Involvement Beliefs of Teachers and Parents Using School and Family Partnerships Questionnaire
Demircan, Hasibe Özlen; Erden, Feyza (null; 2013-09-13)
A Study on Turkish middle school students’ nature relatedness, attitudes and behaviors toward the environment
Özdemir, Mine; Şahin, Elvan; Department of Elementary Science and Mathematics Education (2019)
The aims of the present study were defined as (1) to assess nature relatedness level, attitudes toward the environment and responsible environmental behaviors of the Turkish middle school students and (2) to examine the predictive power of nature relatedness, and attitudes toward the environment on responsible environmental behaviors. Data was collected from 908 middle school students via knowledge of Turkish version of Nature Relatedness (NR) scale, Environmental Attitude Scale and Children Responsible Env...
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M. Blanton, A. Gardiner, I. İşler Baykal, A. Stephens, and E. Knuth, “A longitudinal study of elementary students use of variable notation to represent mathematical generalizations,” 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: http://www.aera.net/Portals/38/docs/Annual_Meeting/2016%20Annual%20Meeting/Program/13c%20-%20Schedule%20-%20Saturday%20April%209.pdf.