Design of a boltzmann machine for the hypercube embedding problem

Tunalı, Ömer


Design of a Customer's Type Based Algorithm for Partner Selection Problem of Virtual Enterprise
Virtual Enterprise (VE) is a temporary platform for individual enterprises to collaborate with each other, sharing their core competencies to fulfill a customer demand. In order to improve the customer satisfaction, the most successful VEs select their consortium's members based on customer's preferences. There is quite extensive literature in the field of partner selection in VE, each proposing a new approach to evaluate and select the most appropriate partners among pool of enterprises. However, none of t...
Design and implementation of an operator-based rule system for natural language analysis
Altunel, Yusuf; Tolun, Mehmet R.; Department of Computer Engineering (1997)
Design and implementation of a two-dimensional suboptimal linear filter.
Güven, Ahmet Hilmi; Department of Electrical Engineering (1986)
Design of a multiprocessing realtime kernel on EECB bus
Özköse, Özgü; Gönenç, Güney; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1993)
Design of a Power Plant Emulator for the Dynamic Frequency Stability Studies
Duymaz, Erencan; Pourkeivannour, Siamak; Ceylan, Doğa; ŞAHİN, İLKER; Keysan, Ozan (2018-10-25)
Increasing renewable energy integration to grid requires inertial support to improve frequency stability of the power system. Inertial support of renewable energy systems requires hardware verification in order to test practical limitations and absence of dynamical grid simulators makes verification studies more challenging. In this study, a test rig which is composed of a DC motor, an AC synchronous generator and an external flywheel, is developed in order to provide a platform in which dynamic properties ...
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Ö. Tunalı, “Design of a boltzmann machine for the hypercube embedding problem,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.