Learning Research Habitus: Tribes and Territories in the Field of Educational Administration

This study examines the research habitus that has engendered in the higher education graduate level research and tries to open up new avenues of inquiry into the study of educational administration. In this respect, the present study traces two-tier approach to the qualitative and quantitative research conducted in the field of educational administration: one is the identification and examination of micro research units generated in the graduate level research, second is an analysis of the key themes in those units and characterize the research discourses relying on Bourdieu’s concepts of field and habitus. In this context, the major research questions of this study are: 1- What are the “micro research units” and “key themes” in the field of educational administration in Turkey? 2- What are the characteristics of the emerging "research habitus" relying on the scholarly work within the field of educational administration? In line with the arguments, the study focuses on the research literature on educational administration through discourse analysis method and a theoretical framework that relies on the concepts Pierre Bourdieu’s field and habitus.
The European Conference of Educational Research, 22 - 25 Ağustos 2017


Good Practice Principles in an Undergraduate Blended Course Design
Kocaman Karoglu, Aslihan; Kiraz, Ercan; Özden, Muhammet Yaşar (2014-04-01)
This study examines students' perceptions of a blended course which uses the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education. A blended teacher education course was designed with teaching and learning activities to introduce the Seven Principles for Good Practice. The participants included 47 pre-service teachers in an undergraduate teacher education program in Turkey. Data were collected using both qualitative and quantitative methods, including a questionnaire, student interviews, and discus...
Psychometric Properties of the Turkish Adaptation of the Mathematics Teacher Efficacy Belief Instrument for In-Service Teachers
Çetinkaya, Bülent; Erbaş, Ayhan Kürşat (2011-11-01)
Teaching efficacy beliefs have attracted researchers' attention in recent decades because of its close association with and potential impact on the implementation of new ideas and skills in education. In the present study, we have explored the psychometric properties and construct validity of the Turkish adaptation of the Mathematics Teacher Efficacy Belief Instrument developed by Enochs, Smith, & Huinker (2000) for in-service mathematics teachers. The instrument distinguishes between two dimensions of effi...
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Ulusal fen bilimleri ve matematik eğitimi kongrelerindeki fizik eğitimi çalışmalarının içerik analizi
Kanlı, Uygar; Gülçiçek, Çağlar; Göksu, Volkan; Önder Çelikkanlı, Nuray; Oktay, Özlem; Eraslan, Funda; Eraslan, Funda; Eryılmaz, Ali; Güneş, Bilal (2014-02-01)
Bu çalışma; fizik eğitimindeki araştırma eğilimlerini belirlemek için, 1994-2012 yılları arasında Ulusal Fen Bilimleri ve Matematik Eğitimi Kongrelerinde tam metni basılan fizik eğitimi çalışmalarını içerik analizi yöntemi ile incelemeyi amaçlamaktadır. Bu amaç doğrultusunda; taranan 735 çalışmadan 282 çalışma, yazarların demografik özellikleri (sayısı, cinsiyeti, bağlı olduğu kurum vb.), genel çalışma temaları, çalışılan fizik konuları, araştırma yöntemleri, örnekleme yöntem ve sayıları, veri toplama araçl...
Decision-making processes of university administrators in a crisis: a qualitative exploratory case study
Hamamcıoğlu, Doğa; Gökalp, Gökçe; Department of Educational Sciences (2020)
This study aims to combine two complex concepts which are higher education administration and crisis decision-making. Studies about decision-making in crisis within the perspective of Educational Administration are limited as most of the studies on this topic conducted with decision-makers from fire departments, police departments and military services who mostly face with situations to make life-and-death decisions. As the crisis decision-making has become very popular in the last two decades and the numbe...
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