Can Turkey Cope with the Refugee Problem A Historical Perspective



Can macroeconomic variables improve the forecasts of foreign reserve levels in Turkey
Soytaş, Uğur (2009-01-01)
Can science diplomacy address the global climate change challenge?
Ozkaragoz Dogan, Elif; Uygun, Zafer; Akçomak, İbrahim Semih (Wiley, 2020-09-01)
Science diplomacy has been used for the broad purpose of international knowledge management. Countries engage in science diplomacy to access and promote knowledge, as well as influence public opinion. Despite the rising interest in science diplomacy, there is very little research on how science diplomacy can be utilized to tackle global challenges such as climate change. This paper aims to bring developing countries in front and show how science and technology cooperation among developing countries and betw...
Can Financial Stability be Maintained in Developing Countries after the Global Crisis The Role of External Financial Shocks
Cömert, Hasan (2014-01-01)
In the recent global turmoil, even though some developing economies were severely affected, in general, developing countries survived the crisis with less damage than advanced countries. The majority of developing countries did not experience a financial system collapse. What are the main factors behind the solid performance of many developing countries in the recent crisis? This paper argues that the main reason is the fact that developing countries did not face a strong financial account shock, especially...
Can reproductive health program empower women? : a feminist post-development critique of european union funded reproductrive health program in Turkey
Özden, Aslı; Hoşgör, Hatice Ayşe; Department of Sociology (2010)
Whithin the recent human centered development approach, the mission of development's declared aims are alleviating poverty, increasing choices by reducing 'risks' and empowering women. In line with the human development framework, Reproductive Health program aims at improving women's health, enlarging women's chices and engendering reproductive rights. The scope of 'empowerment' is conceptualized as strenthening their capabilities to prevent sexual reproductive health risks, thereby enlarging their reproduc...
Can China contribute more to the fight against global warming?
Soytaş, Uğur; Sarı, Ramazan (2006-11-01)
The greenhouse gas emissions of China are still high and are expected to rise, although China has taken serious steps in solving the problem. Increasing efforts to conserve energy may contribute significantly to the mitigation attempts to global warming. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how reducing the growth rate of energy consumption may affect the economic growth rate in China. This paper investigates the temporal relationship between the growth rates of energy consumption and GDP in China in a ...
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