Can macroeconomic variables improve the forecasts of foreign reserve levels in Turkey



Can aggressive children be taught to understand intentions of others
Kutlu, Funda; Berument, Sibel Kazak; Department of Psychology (1998)
Can Crude Oil Toxicity on Phytoplankton Be Predicted Based on Toxicity Data on Benzo(a)Pyrene and Naphthalene?
Özhan, Koray (2014-02-01)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are major components of crude oil, are responsible in large part for the toxicity of crude oil to phytoplankton. This study addressed the following question. Can reliable predictions of the aquatic toxicity of crude oil, a multi-component mixture, be described from toxicity data on individual PAH compounds? Naphthalene, the most abundant PAH compound, and benzo(a)pyrene, a highly toxic PAH compound, were selected as model compounds to quantify toxicity of crude...
Can Financial Stability be Maintained in Developing Countries after the Global Crisis The Role of External Financial Shocks
Cömert, Hasan (2014-01-01)
In the recent global turmoil, even though some developing economies were severely affected, in general, developing countries survived the crisis with less damage than advanced countries. The majority of developing countries did not experience a financial system collapse. What are the main factors behind the solid performance of many developing countries in the recent crisis? This paper argues that the main reason is the fact that developing countries did not face a strong financial account shock, especially...
Can Turkey Cope with the Refugee Problem A Historical Perspective
Yıldırım, Onur (null; 2016-11-01)
Do Regional Trade Agreements Actually Increase Turkey's Foreign Trade
Mavuş Kütük, Merve; Akbostancı Özkazanç, Elif (null; 2015-11-04)
After the deadlock of World Trade Organization Doha trade negotiations since 2000, trade agreements like Customs Union (CU) and free trade agreements (FTAs) gained further importance in foreign trade. The aim of this study is to analyze the role of regional trade agreements (RTAs) of Turkey in her foreign trade. Effects of the RTAs on Turkey’s foreign trade are analyzed through gravity model in line with the study of Anderson and van Wincoop (2003). The study covers Turkey’s trade flows with 126 trade partn...
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