Validity of homogeneity tests for meteorological time series data: a simulation study

58th ISI World Statistics Congress, 01 Haziran 2011


Validity of unit hydrograph theory
Yildiz, Gurlu; Sevük, Süha; Department of Civil Engineering (1988)
Validity of a linear estimator for the total pi-electron energy of alternant hydrocarbons
Türker, Burhan Lemi (1996-01-01)
The validity of a linear topological estimator formula which possesses a slope k such that 0 < k < 1, where k is dependent on the topology of the system, is proved for the totol pi-electron energy of alternant hydrocarbons.
Evaluation of Agility Assessment Tools: A Multiple Case Study
Adali, Onat Ege; Özcan Top, Özden; Demirors, Onur (2016-06-10)
Agile software development has been one of the most important paradigms of software engineering community. Agile methods that are shaped around Agile Manifesto and principles, provide promising results when applied properly in software organizations. Agile assessment models and tools have potential to indicate agile adoption problems at project level or organization level. In the scope of this study, we identified 37 agility assessment tools. Among those tools, we evaluated 11 agility assessment tools based...
Performance of transport protocols for multimedia communications in wireless sensor networks
Akan, Oezguer B. (2007-10-01)
Many wireless sensor network (WSN) applications require efficient multimedia communication capabilities. However, the existing communication protocols in the literature mainly aim to achieve energy efficiency and reliability objectives and do not address multimedia communication challenges in WSN. In this paper, comprehensive performance evaluation of the existing transport protocols is performed for multimedia communication in WSN. Performance metrics such as packet delivery rate, end-to-end packet delay, ...
Performance of hybrid machine learning algorithms on financial time series data
Sayın, Merve Gözde; Yozgatlıgil, Ceylan; Uğur, Ömür; Department of Financial Mathematics (2021-2-5)
Estimating stock indices that reflect the market has been an essential issue for a long time. Although various models have been studied in this direction, historically, statistical methods and then various machine learning methods have to introduced artificial intelligence into our lives. Related literature shows that neural networks and treebased models are mostly used. In this direction, in this thesis, four different models are examined. The first one is the most preferred neural network method for finan...
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C. Yozgatlıgil, V. Purutçuoğlu Gazi, and İ. Batmaz, “Validity of homogeneity tests for meteorological time series data: a simulation study,” Dublin, İrlanda, 2011, p. 3931, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: