Effect of synthetic fibers on flexural performance of normal and high performance concrete

Şengün, Emin
Alam, Burhan
Yaman, İsmail Özgür
Macro synthetic fiber incorporated concretes are increasingly used for concrete applications owing to their high energy absorption capacity, toughness and impact resistance. The aim of this study is twofold; first to investigate the effects of synthetic fibers on the flexural performance and thus the energy absorption characteristics of normal and high performance concrete (HPC), and secondly to investigate the effects of specimen size. For this experimental study, eight concrete groups were designed using synthetic fibers of various amounts (0, 3, 6 and 9 kg/m3 ) for both normal and high performance concretes. The energy absorption characteristics of the concrete mixtures were determined using prismatic beam specimens of two different dimensions. First group had dimensions of 150 mm x 150 mm x 600 mm, and the second groups had dimensions of 75 mm x 75 mm x 325 mm. Tests were conducted at the end of 28 days using a strain controlled loading scheme by an MTS Landmark 250 kN loading frame. Besides the energy absorption capacity, other mechanical properties such as elasticity modulus and compressive strength were also determined. The energy absorption capacity of concrete has been enhanced significantly with increasing the amount of synthetic fibers.
Citation Formats
E. Şengün, B. Alam, and İ. Ö. Yaman, “Effect of synthetic fibers on flexural performance of normal and high performance concrete,” presented at the BEFIB 2016 - 9th RILEM International Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Concrete, Vancouver, Canada, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/86825.