Comprehensive tracer testing in the Germencik field

Akın, Serhat
Gülgör, Abdullah
Germencik Geothermal Field, which is one of the oldest high enthalpy geothermal fields in Turkey, is operational since 2009. As of 2017, two 47.4 MWe dual flash and four 22.5 MWe binary power plants have been constructed to exploit liquid dominated reservoir with feed zone temperatures as high as 234C. In order to optimize re-injection a tracer test where three different naphthalene sulfonates tracers were simultaneously injected into three different re-injection wells, was conducted. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of tracer concentrations collected from 18 different production wells were used to identify connectivity between the re-injection and production wells. Three different tracer return curves were identified. It has been observed that flow velocity changed between 34.18 m/day to 3.12 m/day. The results showed that multi fracture model can be used to model tracer returns for most wells. However, flow – storage capacity plots showed that only a few wells produced from more than one fracture system.
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