Business Organization s in the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic in Gappon Capitalism and Emerging Markets Capitalism in Turkey



Business Organization and Commercial Activity in Turkey between 1923 and 1950: Alternative Sources and Preliminary Findings
Ağır, Münis Seven (null; 2016-11-30)
Business cycles in emerging market economies: the role of financial shocks
Pirgan Matur, Eser; Parmaksız, Ömer Kağan; Kılınç, Mustafa; Department of Economics (2014)
This dissertation documents the differences in the course of macroeconomic volatility in emerging market economies and advanced countries. Then the dynamics of emerging market business cycles and macroeconomic effects of financial shocks are investigated using a small open economy real business cycle model with credit constraints calibrated to the Turkish economy. The results indicate that the impact of financial shocks crucially depends on whether the firms can access to alternative sources of finance when...
Business process modelling based computer-aided software functional requirements generation
Su, M. Onur; Demirörs, Onur; Department of Information Systems (2004)
Problems of requirements which are identified in the earlier phase of a software development project can deeply affect the success of the project. Thus studies which aim to decrease these problems are crucial. Automation is foreseen to be one of the possible solutions for decreasing or removing some of the problems originating from requirements. This study focuses on the development and implementation of an automated tool that will generate requirements in natural language from business process models. In t...
Business cycle non-linearities in UK consumption and production
Ocal, N; Osborn, DR (Wiley, 2000-01-01)
This paper develops non-linear smooth transition autoregressive (STAR) models with two additive smooth transition components to capture the business cycle characteristics of UK real consumers' expenditure and industrial production. The results indicate consumption has essentially two business cycle regimes: recession and expansion. Industrial production, however, is characterized by the three regimes of recession, normal growth and high growth. The transitions describing recovery from recession are very sim...
Business disaster preparedness of SMES : a survey study in METU Technoparks
Aydın, Mevlüt Türker; Yılmaz, Özlem Özdemir; Department of Business Administration (2014)
Small and Medium Enterprises have an important role in the economy of Turkey and the economic contribution of these businesses is significantly high. However, SMEs encounter financial, conjectural and disaster related risks. Since disasters are frequently occurred events in Turkey and SMEs are vulnerable to the disasters, this situation affects the businesses negatively. For this reason, organizations must take precautions against disasters to minimize these effects. The aim of this study is to contribute t...
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