Tailoring Spontaneous Emission



Tailoring slurry formulation to manufacture fine-scale ceramic structures via material extrusion
Kayacı, Hüseyin Utkucan; Çınar, Simge (2021-04-01)
Tailoring magnetic PLGA nanoparticles suitable for doxorubicin delivery
Tansik, Gulistan; YAKAR, ARZU; Gündüz, Ufuk (2013-12-07)
One of the main problems of current cancer chemotherapy is the lack of selectivity of anti-cancer drugs to tumor cells, which leads to systemic toxicity and adverse side effects. In order to overcome these limitations, researches on controlled drug delivery systems have gained much attention. Nanoscale-based drug delivery systems provide tumor targeting. Among many types of nanocarriers, superparamagnetic nanoparticles with their biocompatible polymer coatings can be targeted to an intented site by an exter...
Cloaking Dynamics on Lubricant-Infused Surfaces
Günay, Ahmet Alperen; Sett, Soumyadip; Ge, Qiaoyu; Zhang, Tiejun; Miljkovic, Nenad (2020-10-01)
Lubricant-infused surfaces (SLIPSs/LISs) enable omniphobicity by reducing droplet pinning through creation of an atomically smooth liquid-liquid interface. Although SLIPSs/LISs provide efficient omniphobicity, the need for lubricant adds additional barriers to heat and mass transport and affects three-phase contact line dynamics. Here, evaporation dynamics of microscale water droplets on SLIPSs/LISs are investigated using steady and transient methods. Although steady results demonstrate that evaporation on ...
Tailoring ISO/IEC 12207 for instructional software development
Demirörs, Onur; Demirors, E; Tarhan, A; Yildiz, A (2000-09-07)
This paper describes our experience on tailoring ISO/IEC 12207 for instructional software development. The project was initiated by a large government agency, and the process defined is to be followed by its suppliers during a typical software development contract. The process if targeted especially to small software development companies and provides guidance on what to do with respect to the customer's expectations
Optimizing the organic solar cell efficiency: Role of the active layer thickness
APAYDIN, Dogukan Hazar; Yildiz, Dilber Esra; Çırpan, Ali; Toppare, Levent Kamil (2013-06-01)
A 2-dodecyl benzotriazole and 9,9-dioctylfluorene containing alternating conjugated polymer, poly((9,9-dioctylfluorene)-2,7-diyl-(4,7-bis(thien-2-yl) 2-dodecyl-benzo[1,2,3]triazole)) (PFTBT), was blended with PCBM (1:1, w/w) and spin coated on ITO substrates using varying rotational speeds to obtain different active layer thicknesses. J-V characteristics of the constructed devices were investigated both in dark and under simulated sunlight (AM 1.5G, 100 mW/cm(2)). For the determination of hole mobilities th...
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