Quine’xxs Ignored Challenge to Imaginability-based Arguments

Tümkaya, Serdal


Quine’s naturalism is more liberal than liberal naturalism
Tümkaya, Serdal (2020-12-14)
Veritas observations of the gamma-ray binary LS I+61 303
Acciari, V. A.; et. al. (IOP Publishing, 2008-06-01)
LS I +61 303 is one of only a few high-mass X-ray binaries currently detected at high significance in very high energy gamma-rays. The system was observed over several orbital cycles ( between 2006 September and 2007 February) with the VERITAS array of imaging air Cerenkov telescopes. A signal of gamma-rays with energies above 300 GeV is found with a statistical significance of 8.4 standard deviations. The detected flux is measured to be strongly variable; the maximum flux is found during most orbital cycle...
Quinoides and VEGFR2 TKIs influence the fate of hepatocellular carcinoma and its cancer stem cells.
Kahraman, Deniz Cansen; Jeanmart, Loic; Lanners, Steve; Sramel, Peter; Bohac, Andrej; Atalay, Rengül (2016-10-07)
Bioactivities of quinoides 1-5 and VEGFR2 TKIs 6-10 in hepatocellular cancer (HCC) and cancer stem cells (HCSCs) were studied. The compounds exhibited IC50 values in mu M concentrations in HCC cells. Quinoide 3 was able to eradicate cancer stem cells, similar to the action of the stem cell inhibitor DAPT. However, the more cytotoxic VEFGR TKIs (IC50: 0.4-3.0 mu M) including sorafenib, which is the only FDA approved drug for the treatment of HCC, enriched the hepatocellular cancer stem cell population by 2-3...
Quinaldinium Chlorochromate(VI), (QnCC) Catalyzed Oxidation of Alcohols with Periodic Acid Under Solvent-Free Conditions and Microwave Irradition
Özdemir, Melek (2018-04-01)
The atom efficient synthesis of quinaldinium chlorochromate(VI), C10H9NH[CrO3Cl], (QnCC) was performed by using a 1:1:1 stoichiometric amounts of CrO3, HCl (aq) and quinaldine. QnCC was isolated in 99% yield as an orange crystalline solid and characterized with FT-IR, 1H-NMR, and 13C-NMR. An efficient, selective, and environmentally friendly periodic acid (H5IO6) oxidation of alcohols catalyzed by QnCC (2 mol%) is described. Oxidation reactions of some primary and secondary alcohols to their corresponding a...
Socratic seminars
Balbay, Seher (2021-06-01)
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