Hydrothermal Iron Oxide Cu Au Related Deposits A Global PerspectiveVolume 4 Advances in the Understanding of IOCG Deposits

Kuşçu, Ilkay
Yılmazer, Erkan
Demirala, Gökhan
Gençalioğlu Kuşçu, Gonca
Güleç, Nilgün Türkan


Hydrothermal vents as a kinetically stable source of iron-sulphide-bearing nanoparticles to the ocean
Yücel, Mustafa; Chan, Clara S.; Luther, George W. (2011-06-01)
Hydrothermal vents emit sulphur and metals to the ocean(1). Particular attention has been paid to hydrothermal fluxes of iron(2-4), a limiting micronutrient of marine primary production(5). Vent-derived iron was previously thought to rapidly oxidize and precipitate around vents(6). However, organic matter can bind to and stabilize dissolved and particulate iron in hydrothermal plumes(7-9), facilitating its dispersion into the open ocean(10). Here, we report measurements of the chemical speciation of sulphid...
Hydrothermal dewatering of low-rank coals: Influence on the properties and combustion characteristics of the solid products
Ullah, Habib; Liu, Guijian; Yousaf, Balal; Ali, Muhammad Ubaid; Abbas, Qumber; Zhou, Chuncai; Rashid, Audil (2018-09-01)
The presence of increased moisture content, low energy density and maximum spontaneous combustion tendency has raised serious environmental issues, which are obstacles to large scale utilization of coals. Hydrothermal dewatering (HTD) is a promising method for upgrading low rank coals (LRCs). The influences of HTD, executed at different temperatures on solid product yield, removal rate of elements, organics and inorganics, and combustion characteristics in LRCs were studied. HTD treatment of LRCs was carrie...
Hydrothermal and microwave synthesis of boron phosphate, BPO(4)
Baykal, Altan; Toprak, M; Kniep, R (2001-01-01)
BPO4 was previously synthesized by the solid state reactions of (NH4)(2)HPO4 and B2O3 at 1000 degreesC and was characterized by X-ray powder diffraction and IR methods. We have now succeeded in preparing BPO4 from H3BO3 and P2O5 using hydrothermal synthesis by heating at 160 degreesC for 2 days and obtained a single phase product. We observed that a microwave-assisted synthesis takes only 3 to 5 minutes to transform a solid mixture of (NH4)(2)B4O7. 4H(2)O, and solid H3PO4 Or B2O3 + P2O5 into the crystalline...
Hydrothermal energy transfer and organic carbon production at the deep seafloor
LE BRİS, Nadine; Yücel, Mustafa; DAS, Anindita; Sievert, Stefan M.; LokaBharathi, PonnaPakkam; Girguis, Peter R. (2019-01-18)
In just four decades, hundreds of hydrothermal vent fields have been discovered, widely distributed along tectonic plate boundaries on the ocean floor. Vent invertebrate biomass reaching up to tens of kilograms per square meter has attracted attention as a potential contributor to the organic carbon pool available in the resource-limited deep sea. But the rate of chemosynthetic production of organic carbon at deep-sea hydrothermal vents is highly variable and still poorly constrained. Despite the advent of ...
Hydrothermal synthesis of TiO₂ nanostructures for photocatalitic and photovoltaic applications
Erdoğan, Nursev; Öztürk, Abdullah; Park, Jongee; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2017)
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanostructures with different crystal structures and various morphologies were synthesized by hydrothermal process to utilize them in photocatalytic and photovoltaic applications. The investigations were conducted in three different sets of systematic experimental studies. The first set of experiments was based on the synthesis of TiO2 nanostructures in the presence of strong sodium hydroxide (NaOH) catalyzer. Temperature and molarity of NaOH were kept constant while hydrothermal rea...
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I. Kuşçu, E. Yılmazer, G. Demirala, G. Gençalioğlu Kuşçu, and N. T. Güleç, Hydrothermal Iron Oxide Cu Au Related Deposits A Global PerspectiveVolume 4 Advances in the Understanding of IOCG Deposits. 2010.