Impact of unpaid household services on the measurement of child labor



Impact of Perceived Security on Organizational Adoption of Smartphones
ARPACI, İBRAHİM; Çetin, Yasemin; Turetken, Ozgur (2015-10-01)
Organizational adoption of new technologies is a practically important research area. The present study aims to investigate the impact of perceived security on organizational adoption of mobile communication technologies, specifically smartphones. For this purpose, a research model is developed extending the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The research model is tested using a structural equation modeling based on data that were collected from senior managers of 201 private sector organizations in Turkey....
Impact of Social-Ecologic Intervention on Physical Activity Knowledge and Behaviors of Rural Students
CENGİZ, CEVDET; İnce, Mustafa Levent (Human Kinetics, 2014-11-01)
Background: The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of a social-ecologic intervention on health-related fitness (HRF) knowledge and behaviors of students (n = 62) living in rural areas. Methods: A prepost test control group design was constructed. In addition, qualitative data were collected by focus group discussions in the experimental group. Physical activity environment of a middle school was changed based on the social-ecologic model (SEM) with a focus on intrapersonal, interpersonal, com...
Impact of Nonresident Bank Loans on Economic Activity
Şendeniz Yüncü, İlkay (2022-05-27)
Impact of Past and Planned Investments on Dual- Career Couples’ Commitment
Özgülük, Sıdıka Burcu; Sümer, Zeynep (null; 2017-06-01)
Impact of computerization on the division of labor in bank branch organizations
Baykut, M. Hakan; Gitmez, Ali S.; Department of Business Administration (1990)
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