An Investigation of Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers Content Knowledge about Measures of Central Tendency

Uygun, Tuğba
Akyüz, Didem


An Investigation into the Performance Solution Strategies and Difficulties in Middle School Students Calculation of the Volume of a Rectangular Prism
Reyhan, Tekin Sitrava; Işıksal Bostan, Mine (2014-01-01)
This qualitative study examined middle school students' performance, solution strategies, difficulties and the underlying reasons for their difficulties in calculating the volume of a rectangular prism. The data was collected from 35 middle school students (6th, 7th and 8th grade students) enrolled in a private school in Istanbul, Turkey. The data was obtained from a questionnaire involving 3 problems and one-to-one semi-structured interviews with all the participants after the application of the questionna...
An investigation on stress factors and coping strtegies of english instructors at the English Preparatory Schools of Metu and Ankara University
Petek, Elçin; Yemenici, Petek; Department of English Literature (2008)
The study aimed at investigation the sources of stress that english instructors who work at the English Preparatory Schools of the Middle East Technical University and Ankara University experience and the strategies that they use to cope with stress related to their professions. Two scales which consist of a demographic inventory, two questionnaires and a semi structured interwiew were developed by the researces the first scale is "stress factors and coping strategies questionnaire for english instructors" ...
An Investigation into middle school mathematics teachers‟ subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge regarding the volume of 3D solids
Tekin Sitrava, Reyhan; Işıksal Bostan, Mine; Department of Elementary Education (2014)
The purpose of this study was to examine middle school mathematics teachers' subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge of the volume of 3D solids. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, four middle school teachers working in public schools in Ankara participated in the study. To get deep and rich answers to research questions asked, qualitative methodology was used.Participants were selected through purposeful sampling. Data was gathered via questionnaire, semi-structured interviews,...
An Investigation of building information modeling maturity in turkish small-medium size enterprises architectural and engineering firms
Sarı, Ramazan; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray; Tanyer, Ali Murat; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2017)
Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry experiences Building Information Modeling (BIM) transition process in all over the world. As the firms have advanced on BIM implementation, a necessity to benchmark the BIM performance has emerged. A couple of assessment tools were released for the sector to be used by organizations, individuals and governments to benchmark the BIM implementation maturity. The architecture and engineering firms in Turkey are also in the midst of BIM transition. Howev...
An investigation of the validity and reliability of the speaking exam at a Turkish university
Sak, Gonca; Enginarlar, Hüsnü; Department of English Language Education (2008)
This thesis aims to investigate the validity and reliability of the speaking exam at a Turkish University. For this study, data were obtained through questionnaires, interviews, the students’ speaking exam results, TOEFL exam results and departmental speaking exam scores. The results of the questionnaire were used to explore the face validity of the speaking exam. The interviews conducted to examine the content validity of the exam were analyzed in detail and common points from each interview were highlight...
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