Numerical investigation of protection measures against water hammer in the Yeşilvadi hydropower plant

Dursun, Samet
Bozkuş, Zafer
Pressurized hydraulic systems are vulnerable to water hammer, which is an unsteady hydraulic problem. Changes of direction or velocity of the water in the system cause sudden increase in pressure and pipeline may collapse or burst. The purpose of this paper is to analyze pressure relief valves (PRV), which are used as protection measures against water hammer, numerically and compare the results with measured field data of a run-of-river hydropower plant project. The hydropower system is investigated numerically with a computer program using method of characteristics for solving nonlinear equations of transient flow. Load rejection, and instant load rejection scenarios for two different cases which are system without a protection measure, and the existing system including pressure relief valves are analyzed and presented in this paper. It is observed that, relief valves are effective in decreasing the turbine runaway speed. However, improper operation of these valves causes higher transient pressure values.
International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering,( 21 - 25 Ekim 2014)


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