Networks of the Future: Architectures, Technologies, and Implementations

Mollahasani, Shahram
Eroğlu, Alperen
Yamaç, Ömer
Onur, Ertan


Network Experience Scheduling and Routing Approach for Big Data Transmission in the Internet of Things
Al-Turman, Fadi; Mostarda, Leonardo; Ever, Enver; Darwish, Ahmed; Khalil, Naziha Shekh (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-01-01)
The recent developments in the Internet of Things related technologies have caused a shift towards smart applications such as smart cities, smart homes, smart education systems, e-health, and online applications to run businesses. These, in turn, have introduced significant additional loads to the existing network infrastructures. In addition, these applications use big data and require relatively short response times. In this paper, we are introducing a new scheduling and routing approach to enhance the en...
Network Analysis Algorithm for the Solution of Discrete Time-Cost Trade-off Problem
BETTEMİR, ÖNDER HALİS; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat (2017-05-01)
Optimum solution of time-cost trade-off problem has significant importance since it provides the highest profit opportunity. For this reason, exact, heuristic, and meta-heuristic algorithms are adapted to obtain the optimum or near-optimum solution. However, heuristic algorithms may not always converge into the global optimum, while meta-heuristic algorithms require significant computation to converge into global optimum and exact methods are complex for construction planners to implement. Therefore, minimu...
Kültür, Ebru; Acar, Aybar Can; Department of Cybersecurity (2022-2-7)
With the rapid growth of the information technology in several areas, providing security of those systems has gained more importance. As a result of this development in information technology, the complexity of cyber-attacks has also significantly increased. Therefore, traditional security tools such as Signature-based Intrusion Detection Systems (SIDS) have become insufficient for detecting new attacks. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are used to monitor network traffic and capture malicious traffic. Tra...
Wireless sensor networks for healthcare: A survey
Alemdar, Hande (2010-10-28)
Becoming mature enough to be used for improving the quality of life, wireless sensor network technologies are considered as one of the key research areas in computer science and healthcare application industries. The pervasive healthcare systems provide rich contextual information and alerting mechanisms against odd conditions with continuous monitoring. This minimizes the need for caregivers and helps the chronically ill and elderly to survive an independent life, besides provides quality care for the babi...
Network dimensioning in randomly deployed wireless sensor networks
Sevgi, Cüneyt; Koçyiğit, Altan; Department of Information Systems (2009)
In this study, we considered a heterogeneous, clustered WSN, which consists of two types of nodes (clusterheads and sensor nodes) deployed randomly over a sensing field. We investigated two cases based on how clusterheads can reach the sink: direct and multi-hop communication cases. Network dimensioning problems in randomly deployed WSNs are among the most challenging ones as the attributes of these networks are mostly non-deterministic. We focused on a number of network dimensioning problems based on the c...
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S. Mollahasani, A. Eroğlu, Ö. Yamaç, and E. Onur, Networks of the Future: Architectures, Technologies, and Implementations. 2017, p. 200.